Openness to new concepts and ideas, to new partnerships and ways of maximizing opportunities for the common good of the vulnerable communities – such value has enabled PDRRN to respect the plurality of approaches to disaster risk reduction work, keeping in mind the importance of complementation and cooperation among various sectors specifically the local government units, the church, civil society and the affected communities.

Openness has promoted resilience and dynamism for PDRRN as an organization. Through the years, it has learned to cope with the upturns and downturns of operations, utilizing and maximizing whatever resources are available, leading to creative responses.


PDRRN’s interventions are rooted on what exist in the communities at the time of engagement – the prevailing culture, traditions, and practices. Though PDRRN does not condone wrong or ill practices and unhealthy attitudes, starting with what is there and showing respect for the way of life of the people opens up avenue for strong partnerships. This ultimately translates to empowerment of the community as people learn to recognize their needs to be addressed and the resources they utilize along with the skills and knowledge they gain the organizing efforts of PDRRN.


PDRRN’s initial first years to implement services was nurture with high value of volunteerism. This served as platform for the staff and volunteers to develop good sense of unity over the years of promoting partnership and complementation in communities with various cultures and sectors. Coming from different communities where PDRRN implemented projects, as a survivor, as a previous volunteer, as an ordinary citizen - staff are encourage to immerse and work in harmony of the principles and values of the organization and develop its connectedness to what PDRRN believes in and how it works with communities and partners. PDRRN ensures that personnel and volunteers share common understanding and commitment in delivering its services.


Transparency and Accountability

With high value on participation of communities and partners, PDRRN gives much importance to accountable and transparent interventions and humanitarian responses. PDRRN adheres and commits to national international guiding principles, laws, and standards in implementing its programs.


Community-based as its core approach, PDRRN engages with communities mainly to provide much needed services anchored within development-oriented strategies to contribute in providing better services to vulnerable communities. In case of short-term intervention such as humanitarian responses, basic strategy is organizing through building-on with the current capacity of people and communities towards complementation of resources and framed within sustainable approaches.

PDRRN values equality among people. True to this, interventions are sensitive to the needs most especially of the vulnerable sectors (the disadvantaged and marginalized) without prejudice to the other sectors in the community. PDRRN recognizes the interconnectedness of everything and everyone in a community – the environment and the people, taking this into consideration in designing its plans and programs.


The soundness of PDRRN’s programs and interventions comes as a result of involvement and participation in researches and scientific studies. Actual situations are always taken into consideration and analyzed well vis-à-vis the development plans drafted by the local government units.

PDRRN operates on a principle of mutual trust in terms of its partnership with the community-based people’s organizations as well as with its funding partners. This mutual trust was developed after almost three decades of working for the common good of vulnerable communities in various parts f the Philippines. It is based on a common understanding of the situation and common objective for these communities to attain safer conditions and sustainable development.


PDRRN regards policy change and risk responsive development initiatives as its ultimate contribution thus collaboration with key networks and stakeholders is significant in its ways of working. PDRRN gives high premium in working with others and demonstrate solidarity towards shared goals and advocacies.

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